Ali Nikooee

Info Activist, Human Rights Defender

About Me

I am Ali Nikooee (in Persian: علی نیکویی), an info activist who is the co-founder of Baaroo. I like to experiment everything in the IT field as well as the activism. For many years, I've voluntarily worked for the human rights, women rights, internet freedom, cultural rights and environmental rights organizations. Besides, as a specialist I worked in the IT sector as a sales manager, network administrator, software analyzer, web designer, SEO consultant, team coordinator and so on.

My Blog (in Farsi)


  • Manager & Coordinator
  • Specialist (Computer Security & SEO)
  • Trainer
  • Web Developer (HTML, CSS)
  • Programmer (C++, Python)
  • Other crazy stuff :)

Contact Me

You can directly contact me by
ali [at-sign] namnam [dot] ir